Behind every local store, there is a community. We are proud to support one community at a time.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop the best and automated eCommerce and fully automated community marketing software that significantly improve the digital business of as many stores as possible across the United States.

Not just for New York City. For every retail store and wholesaler in our nation.

Our commitment

Creating an opportunity for everyone

We believe in bringing everyone together to create an opportunity for every shopper, every retail store, and every wholesaler to offer better pricing while building a better local community.

The Founders’ Vision

We are not a conventional tech company, and we don't intend to be one.

An unconventional platform shares its vision

We are dedicated to building the best and automated free eCommerce and free marketing software platform over building another giant platforms to manipulate the free market.

-- Our story --

With 15 years of professional experience serving corporations in Manhattan and nationwide as a Vice President of Technology, Kyle knows how to merge technology, talents, and work culture to empower our community while creating brand values.

Since his entrepreneurial life, he is constantly improving workflow with technology to create better solutions for businesses and their staff.

CTO - Kyle Yu

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